Jack Nicklaus explains why he’s not a fan of the new major schedule

“I don’t like the new major schedule, from the standpoint that if you have an injury, or if you’re struggling with one tournament, all of a sudden the other one follows too closely, to get it back,” Nicklaus told BBC Radio 5 Live. “I’m not sure that that’s really a good thing for the game of golf, to have all your tournaments in about 3 1/2 months. And I don’t think it’s good for the other tournaments on the Tour.”

Nicklaus is also concerned about how players taking weeks off to prepare for each major will affect the Tour as a whole. Tiger Woods notably played only one non-major tournament between the Masters in April and the Open Championship in July.

“The guys have got to skip a lot of tournaments — you saw that this year — guys weren’t playing in between majors,” Nicklaus said. “And I think that’s a shame for the Tour. I know that the all-mighty dollar is important, but I don’t think it’s so important that you really lose out on the tradition of the great tournaments that have been played for years and years and years.”

As it turns out, next year’s schedule will be even more jam-packed for the world’s top players, with the Masters in April, PGA Championship in May, U.S. Open in June, Open Championship in mid-July, the Olympics in Japan from July 30-Aug 2, the FedEx Cup playoffs in August, and the Ryder Cup in September.

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